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 Halo 3 May matchmaking News

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PostSubject: Halo 3 May matchmaking News   Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:21 pm

Taken from the 4/24 Bungie News

May Matchmaking Update

As we alluded to earlier, we've also got some of our own changes cooked up for May. More Mythic is being added, both required and optional, so make sure you pay close attention to the fine print if you find yourself sans the Mythic Map Pack. Here's the list of upcoming changes for next month:

Heavy Maps – The Heavy Map variants have all been tweaked. Power weapons have longer timers, and in some instances do not respawn. Spawn timers on Gauss hogs in Standoff Heavy are increased as well.
Community Variants – Two new community objective map variants have been added to Matchmaking. Punishment by DEATHPIMP72 and Utah Mambo by Cosmic Rick. These maps will appear in Team Objective and Team Mythic.

Team Doubles – Mythic is now REQUIRED
Team Slayer – Mythic maps added (optional)*
Team Objective – Successfully vetoing will now guarantee a CTF variant (1 flag, 1 flag BRs, 2 Flag, 2 Flag BRs). Legendary is now required. Mythic Maps added (optional)*

Multi Team – Mythic maps added (optional)*
Social Big Team – Mythic maps added (optional)*

Team SWAT – Mythic is now REQUIRED

Team Mythic – SWAT removed from Team Mythic lineup. 1 Flag and 1 Bomb added.

7 on the 7th
7 Player FFA on Assembly

Double EXP Weekends (In Order of Appearance)
Mythic Brawl – 12 player FFA on classic, Heroic, Legendary, and Mythic maps. Heroic/Legendary/Mythic required.
Team Control – A playlist about territories and shooting people for control of said territories. Heroic/Legendary/Mythic required.
Living Dead – Social, with maximum party size of 13. Heroic/Legendary/Mythic required.

*As mentioned before the April update was released, playlists that are Mythic-optional one month will be Mythic-required the following month. The playlists listed as Mythic-optional (and marked with an asterisk) above will require Mythic in June.
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Halo 3 May matchmaking News
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