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 Lucian being nice.

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PostSubject: Lucian being nice.   Thu Apr 09, 2009 8:19 pm

Lucian walked in the clothing store. And went straight to the counter he wasn't going to buy anything this time he wanted to solve any trouble the shopkepper might have with him.

"look whatever trouble you may have with me, i want to end it. Please we cant afford to start rivalries with our fellow kin in these times were already up against enough." Said Lucian with a smile as he laid 20 gold coins on the table.

"if a man by the name of Browden comes in here again, give him this" said Lucian as he layed a fine looking genuine leather pacth on the counter next to the gold coins.

"he will apricate it," said Lucian as he walked out the door and started talking with someone outside the shop a few moments later a man walked in clad in armor from head to toe with a big broadsword in his hand and other knightly things to beat the ban.

The man walked to the counter and looked at the shopkeeper.

"Sir Rummy at your service, Sir Lucian sent me here to guard your shop free of charage untill you send me away." said Sir Rummy as he sat in a chair near the door.
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Lucian being nice.
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