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 Frozen Woods: Lost or Found?

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Amber Stone

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PostSubject: Frozen Woods: Lost or Found?   Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:09 pm

"Can you truly examine your life and not detect flaws? Years ago, my entire life was dedicated to my cause. I was a highly renowned Civil Agent. Once upon a time, I was a hero. Once upon a time, I knew who I was. Now... Now I have seen. I have seen the world with eyes I've never looked through before. But... did I learn?"

So much has happened. So much of the world has changed...

Riddik had a knew king: an elf. The King of Undead has returned, but as a new ruler. There was even a new druid community in Nju Shenghuo.

Still... the greatest change was taking place in one woman's mind...


Four months ago...

"Welcome back, Lady Stone. A warm meal awaits you in your quarters."

A woman in a long red cloak stepped through the doors held open for her. Her long, curly hair seemed almost as fiery as her cloak. As she passed the servants, she waved a hand lazily.

Her face and clothes were ragged and dirty. Before she ate, she requested a long soak in a deep bath. The servants hurried to fulfill the lady's requests.

In her tub, alone, she rested her head back, exhausted. How the hell did she end up in that mess at the castle? She let out a long sigh and sank the bottom half of her face into the water.

"Damn kibble-eater," she thought to herself. It wasn't long before her eyes betrayed her to sleep...

*Knock, knock*

"Lady Stone? Are you alright in there?"

A drowsy and groggy Civil Agent lifted her fiery red hair out of the water.

"Yes, fool. Have my meal prepared before I'm in my chambers."

"Of course, Madame."

Her skin was wrinkly and soggy from the long soak. After drying herself, she appeared in her room wearing just a robe. Her servants were waiting with total patience.

"It's your favorite, ma'am: shoulder of centaur and baked elf ears."

The servant lifted the silver platter and presented the magnificent feast to his majesty. He was truly excited to present his heroine with something so pleasing.

Amber looked at her dinner. Yes, it was her favorite. Yet... perhaps maybe now it wasn't. Her appetite was not with her tonight. She looked at the servant irritated.

"Thank you, Linville. I- I believe I will wait to eat until the morning. I'm extremely tired."

"Ye- yes, ma'am. Of course," replied the servant, disappointed.

Amber did not sleep at all that night. Nor did she sleep any nights after she returned home. What had that darkling king done to her? She was actually questioning the Agency.

No... No, she just needed to relax after the ordeal she was put through. "That must be it. That had to be it," she thought.


Two months ago...

Amber had taken her leave of her "home". She needed a vacation, she told them. I'll return refreshed and prepared for full duty, she said.

She was now in the Eastern Province. She was alone, which she hated. However, she saw some travelers that offered to accompany her. She hated traveling with them...

When she broke away from the traveling group (after they had seen her mark, they forced her out), she started to wander around on her own. Then, she saw it... The Frozen Woods.

She didn't like the looks of the forest, but at the same time, she had no where else to be. All she wanted was to be alone. And what better way to be alone, than in a magically frozen forest?


Sir Gilbert Cashew, a riverfolk guard, just finished posting the notice to the tavern in Ft. Fiel.


'Strange woman voice coming from Frozen Woods... Do not approach, do not investigate. This includes any and all adventurers. Do NOT explore cause of crying or screaming. Trained professionals have been assigned to investigate.'

'They have been investigating the Woods for two months now, and we are sure they shall return any day..."
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Fresh Meat

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PostSubject: Re: Frozen Woods: Lost or Found?   Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:44 am

Kikani had been in Ft. Fiel for just under a moon. She had been advising the current Governing Knight of Tomath on the possibilities of the voices of the Frozen Woods being a hoax. She helped with the fort's resident wizard. An old feeble man that was just as weak as he was adled.

"Master Higgins, Your mixing too much dragons blood with the nightbane. Your going to cause..."


The old wizard looked over to Kikani and his face was covered with black soot from the chemical combustion that he inadvertantly caused. The old man had a smile on his face.

"WHOOP! That will have to go down in my journal. If I ever get a round to finding it!"

Kikani just rolled her eyes and smiled. The old man was absent-minded, but fun to be a round and rarely ever caused any real harm to himself or others. Except for when he gave on of the knights a mild case of Dysuntary. But he cured that up right away leaving the knight with only a slightly purple hue to his skin tone.
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PostSubject: Re: Frozen Woods: Lost or Found?   Fri Apr 10, 2009 1:47 am

Sarek stepped out of the back of the wagon as it tumbled it's way down the dirt road just south of the frozen woods.

The elf hadn't asked for a ride, he had merely hopped in the back as the farmers were oblivious. It was best to keep moving. The Tomathian Mage Guild had chased him all up until a few miles ago. If he didn't keep moving they would most definitely keep up.

The cold air from the Frozen Wood gave him goose bumps, and he pulled his cloak around him tighter and made sure that his dagger was still in it's place. he hadn't been studying magic long, but was amazed by the powers of the School of Blood. However he didn't realize the trouble learning such spells would cause when he joined the order. nearly every spell caster on Nerin Toth was hunting him it seemed. More likely it was only the few he had come across, but those few were hearty enough in their chase that it may have well had been every spell caster.

It was at this point, Sarek heard the moans and cries from the woods.

"Hrm?" he mumbled. He then ventured into tthe woods to investigate the noise.
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PostSubject: Re: Frozen Woods: Lost or Found?   

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Frozen Woods: Lost or Found?
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