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 Saint of Vengance!

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PostSubject: Saint of Vengance!   Mon Apr 06, 2009 8:06 pm

The masses knew the man was a hypocritic bastard, but he spoke what they wanted to hear now, and they wished desperately to believe it. The captain of the guard spoke confident lies, making grandiose hand gestures, explaining how the guard would do away with the threat.

Inwardly, the captain feared for his life. Would he be next? Would the skeletons in his closet be the death of him? His eyes darted to the shadows, trying to watch everywhere without moving his head.

He continued on, emboldened by the fact that nothing lashed out for him by this time. "I assure you, citizens of the Epicenter, we shall stop this monstrous vigilante!" he said proudly, hitting his chest with his fist. "He will hang from our gallows, and I will see to it myself that he's made example of.

One voice carried over the crowd, "It would not be the first just man to hang from your gallows, would it captain?"

The captain searched teh crowd, "Who is speaking lies about me!?" he asked in an outrage

"You would do well to tell these people the truth, Pontius," said the voice. A man draped in all black walked slowly forward, his features hidden under the fols of his cloak.

"Stop! Come no closer!" Said the captain. He gestured to the guards and they stepped in front of him, swords drawn. "Who are you!?"

"You know me, sir. I am teh Saint of Vengance!" The figure continued on, slowly walking, not yet drawing a weapon. "And today is your judgement, Pontius, your sins will be your demise." The black figure now stood just in front of the stage.

"Kill him!" he yelled frantically. The guards lept from the stage and ran the black figure through, swords protruding from his back, but still he moved.

"It will take more than steel, sir," said the Saint, almost chuckling.

"Show me his face!" exclaimed a very nervous Pontius. The guards nodded, scared of this beast as well. People murmurred, and rumors were already spreading that the Saint was truly blessed with power, immortality even!

The guards took deep breaths, and pulled back the hood. The crowd gasped and screamed, one guard retched, and Pontius stood in utter confusion. beneath the folds of the cloak, was a zombie, bound in chains, lurching for flesh. A massive weight hung from its neck and forced it to move in only one direction, and it still craved Pontius.

"Come out coward!" Pontius said, his voice nearly squeeking.

All was silent, except for the moans of the zombie, which was quickly dispatched of. The body was released, and the undead crumpled to the ground. The weight hit the ground, and small click was heard, no louder than a pin drop. The clicks continued, the only sound beyond a guard urinating in his armor.




"What is taht damned so-" *BOOM!*

The zombie corpse exploded, killing the guards instantly, and forcing the crowd from the stage. Everyone was screaming, including Pontius. "Someone kill him!" he screamed loudly.

A gunshot echoed through the night, and all gazed upon a lone black figure on a rooftop behind Pontius. The captain stood frozen in terror, only watching as the figure dropped from the roof to the stage. He strode slowly to Pontius, holding two pistols.

"Keep away, by order of the high council, you are under arrest for murder!"

"They died justly"

"You cut them down in the streets! Good, innocent men!"

"And you hang the same kind of men from your gallows, how are we different?"

Pontius said nothing, only shook in terror. He turned to run, but two more gunshots pierced teh night, and Pontinus knee caps were blown out. He fell in agonizing pain, and the Saint caught his, forcing him to kneel. Tears streamed down the face of the captain, as he begged more.

The Saint was featureless, the midnight black hood hid his face, but his gaze of hatred could be felt.

Pontius begged more, soiling himself.

He spoke no louder than a whisper, but all could hear him.

"Innocent blood stains thy hands."

"No! Please no!" Pontius begged, he tried to move away bu the pain was to great.

"Your death for payment, the goddess demands"

"I will give you anything!" Pontius screamed.

"I am her hammer, her striking blow", the sound of the pistols cocking carried through the crowd.

Pontius only sobbed at this point, the barrels of both pistols were pressed into the back of his head.

"Your blood shall run, but will stop your evil's flow," the Saint finished.

All was silent, and then...


The body of Pontius fell unceremoniously to the ground. "I am the Saint, and I will not rest until my goddess's vengance is satisfied!"

And with that, he disappeared into the night...
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PostSubject: Re: Saint of Vengance!   Tue Apr 07, 2009 1:44 am

Dude this is really cool!!!!! Is it going to be a thread? I think Id enjoy it much more than as a story, just because I want in on it too. The SoV character rocks. He really reminds me of The Punisher.

I really hope you run a thread with this. I have an awesome character already for it.
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PostSubject: Re: Saint of Vengance!   Wed Apr 08, 2009 8:01 am

Dear God don't say it's James!

I'll tell the SoV that he's wronged me so he's next!


That would be cool to get in on this. Since Turk'en is busy trying to keep the world from having another zombie outbreak or over populous. I can think of another character should you decide to run this as a thread.
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Saint of Vengance
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PostSubject: Re: Saint of Vengance!   Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:18 am

This thread is already up and running, its in the Epicenter section (I didnt know where else to put since thats where it takes place)
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PostSubject: Re: Saint of Vengance!   

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Saint of Vengance!
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