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 My begining

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PostSubject: My begining   Fri Mar 27, 2009 11:22 pm

I stand under the stars of the town of Alamier ,knowing something in the world of Aeon was wrong.
I stood upon this hill for several minutes until I hear a screaming in the air.
I follow in the direction of the scream to see a zombie attacking a woman.
"Halt," I said, "in the heat of my blood you shall fall!"
Whiz! An arrow flies right by my head into the remaining brains of the zombie.
"Who..." I said and turned around to see none other than the town hero Zasha.
"You foolish child," he said "you could have been killed."
"I could have killed it without you!" But deep inside my naieve heart I knew I couln't have.
"Look you brat, either go find a tutor or get lost,this is no place for any wanna be dead-beats!"
"Shut up and go to hell!" I said,and stormed away,but I knew he was right.I knew I had to train under a master in the arts of battle.I decided to start my search in Peregen,hearing about all the heroic deeds done there.This will surely be the adventure of a lifetime.The friends,fights,enimies,and exploring a world seeming bigger than life itself.Soon the world will know my name."Those of evil,feel my wrath for I swear on my life I will rid the world of youuntil the day of my death!I solonmly swear this to my name,Xxaldian,defender of justice and destroyer of evil!"

(This is my first post so I hope you enjoy!)
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My begining
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