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 The Cutting Room Floor

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Hunt the Dead

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PostSubject: The Cutting Room Floor   Sun Nov 08, 2009 3:33 pm

Below is a list of 21 facts about Hunt the Dead that only a handful of people have known until now.....

*Erron Stairin was originally a Vampire Hunter played by Craig DeBoard in a D&D game over 15 years ago!

*Zoei Fantasy was D&D character created and played by Jacque DeBoard over 10 years ago!

*The city Peregren is actually named after a high school friend of Craig DeBoard's and Joe Fuentes' named Dan Peregrin.

*The Gygax Trade Route is named after the late D&D creator Gary Gygax.

*Mathias and Sarsethok were D&D characters played by Adam Weiss and Fred Sexton many years ago.

*Originally there were two other water trade routes named after Morgan Freeman and Tom Hanks, two of Craig DeBoard's favorite actors!

*Darklings were thought of because of Drow from D&D. However Craig DeBoard and Joe Fuentes wanted them to look similar but have a completely different society that was more tyrannical.

*Riverfolk were originally based on kender from Wizards of the Coast's Dragonlance setting, but were altered so much they ended up more like hobbits from Lord of the Rings.

*Riverfolk were originally called "Elfkin".

*The aniver race was the most complex races to create in terms of game play.

*A race called Drakoni which were dragon-men was originally going to be in Hunt the Dead but were tossed aside for a reptile sub-race of anivers.

*Ogres and Centaurs were at one time going to be playable races but were taken out at the last moment.

*Studio NFC stands for Ninja Frog Comics. Originally the studio was called "Fanboy Studios".

*The airships and aniver are a tribute to the late Mike Weiringo, one of Craig DeBoard's and Joe Fuentes' favorite comic book artists.

*Craig DeBoard's favorite zombie movie is actually Shaun of the Dead, a movie that makes fun of zombie movies!

*Jon Strickland's character, Aldion, has died and come back to life more times in the Hunt the Dead role-playing section more than any other character.

*Hunt the Dead originally started out as a home-brewed Dragonlace campaign setting that Craig DeBoard was the DM of.

*Originally, there were several continents on Aeon, however eventually they were scrapped in favor of just one continent to make it harder for characters to hide or escape the undead.

*Executive Editor Nick Wade actually hated the zombie genre' when he first started with Hunt the Dead. Now he loves it!

*Hunt the Dead was originally going to be called "Shoot Them In the Head", but was actually later changed to "The Triad" a fantasy comic Craig considered making over 10 years ago. Later the name was changed to "Hunt the Dead".
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The Cutting Room Floor
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