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 Two New Races and a possible new Class in Next WoW Expansion????

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PostSubject: Two New Races and a possible new Class in Next WoW Expansion????   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:25 pm

Well, it's been debated for some time as to what the two new races will be for the next expansion. There's also rumors of a few new classes as well.

Apparently as an April Fool's joke, Blizzard stated that the Bard would be a new class, but that was all a hoax. Here's Blizzard's April Fool's video:

However what wasn't a hoax was the Deathknight becoming a new class with Wrath of Lich King. The DeathKnight was an old class from the old Warcraft games. Well in those games so was the Necromancer as well. Recently a video on youtube was released mentioning the Lich King and Necromancer together. however this video came out BEFORE Burning Crusade did.

So the Necromancer is a possibility at least (but probably not definite). Here's that video now:

So who knows, we may not see any new classes at all, or we may see something from an older game, or even something new all together.

Regarding races I found this VERY interesting.

Goblins and Worgen specifically.

Here's an article I read today:

Good news for all those ardent (addicted?) World of Warcraft players. Yup! A few diligent members in the online gaming community have managed to data mine the PTR (Public Test Realm) game files and uncover evidence of Goblin and Worgen masks for the upcoming Hallow’s End event (WoW’s equivalent of Halloween).

As anyone who’s lived through a WoW-style halloween will know, there are Hallow’s End masks of the various races in the game so, say, a Human could disguise himself as an Orc, or a Tauren a Gnome. The introduction of these new Goblin and Worgen masks strongly indicates that these races are set to appear in the next expansion as playable races. There has been strong speculation within the community that the new expansion is likely the Maelstrom – as you may know, the giant whirling mass of destruction at the centre of the map of Azeroth.

Those who have played the early Warcraft strategy games may recall the Goblins who made their debut in Warcraft II, and were experts in blowing stuff up. The Worgen made their appearance much later in the game and are littered throughout the game world. There is even a cursed town in Silverpine Forest on the outskirts of Shadowfang Keep whose inhabitants by day the are human, and they will receive and greet you well. However when night falls they turn into vicious Worgen that hunt, maim and kill. TIP: If you plan to pay a visit do it by day.

So who gets whom? The Goblins seem the best fit for the Alliance race, as there is some semblance of humanity in them, regardless of their earlier allegiances. So then, it is probable that the horde will get the Worgen. This should be extremely interesting! Enthralled by the idea of the Goblin Squig Herder I tried Warhammer Online for two weeks and I really REALLY wanted to like this game, but I left it disillusioned and disgusted. There I said it! I know many among you loved WAR, but I found insipid shallowness of the classes too much to take, and I left it as quickly as I had joined without even using up my full free month. If blizzard were to add something like the Squig Herder to WoW, I might even consider giving it another shot – for a month at least. Smile Either way, the goblin race added to the Alliance should give it some much needed colour. The horde has always had the coolest races, and to make matters worse the first expansion (The Burning Crusade) saw the alliance get the shaft in the form of that ‘failboat’ we call the Draenei — an enormous let down and an affront to the original theme that was Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

Blizzard did promise fans one expansion an year after their Wrath of the Lich King (holy cow! Talk about cash cow!), but it’s quite late into 2009 and it certainly looks like there will be no expansion this year. With Wrath of the Lich King going 11 million subscribers strong, my guess is there won’t be an expansion till late 2010, with summer being the season for their friends and family alpha test. Let’s hope there’ll be a new maelstromwiki like we had last year, to reveal all to us sooner than Blizzard would like.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – these are still unconfirmed reports and while the evidence is telling, it remains to be seen how things shape up. It may well be that these races are faction-independent like the Death Knight class, and perhaps they will have the option of choosing which faction they belong to after some quest chain or after finishing the starting area. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see, but when the time comes what race will you pick?

Until then, have a good one and Zil’nok everybody.

So will we see these two races as possible new races for a new expansion?

I would say it's very possible. Especially all the rumors of Goblins and Undermine.

Mind you I'm still a new Warcraft player so all this news could be old. But to me personally it's exciting and I thought I'd share.

However, I would much rather see Murlocs as a playable race than Worgen. However that doesn't seem likely as this has surfaced:

Once again, sorry if it's old news, but it was new to me.

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Two New Races and a possible new Class in Next WoW Expansion????
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