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 Lucian's History

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PostSubject: Lucian's History   Wed Mar 04, 2009 11:00 pm

Lucian was a small boy maybe 12 or so. Lucian was named after his great uncle. Lucian loved his parents dearly, but they always tried to tell him his so called "Gift" was really a curse. So he did the best he could to never ever change. Times where hard ever sense the undead came around and Lucian always thought he was safe. It was a cold morning he lived in the Long Reach, he came home from the market to find a zombie standing in the living room over Lucian's dead parents. Lucian was horrifyed and he couldn't take it so he ran and he ran untill he was discoverd by a group of Mintour's they then raised him untill he was about 15 or so and the same thing that killed his parents overwhelmed them. Lucian vowed to kill every single one of those danmed things untill the day he died. So lucian became dark and un relenting he hated everything and he was never happy he forgot about what his parents said and became a lycan whenever the chance came round. Lucian eventually caught up with a band of darklings and dwarfs. He was given his wepons and taught his spells by his new found friends but eventaully he moved on and lived for a good portion of his life with a pack of lycan's such as himself. Lucian was tired of all the fighting and deside he wanted to settle down one day so he did and he eventually got married to a elven women and they had a son who was strong at muscle and heart much like lucian. For once in his life he was happy again and he felt like he belonged somewhere. One day Lucian and his son who's name was elrond and his wife who was name was Sasha were out at the stream gathering water and having a merry time. Lucian and his family where on there way home one day untill they were attacked Lucian fought valiantly but he made a mistake. He let the rage and adrenline consume and he went out of control he couldn't stop him self and killed his one wife when he returned he found his son crying over Sasha's body telling Lucian to stay away Lucian couldnt stand himself and then it happend......Lucian's son started to change and Lucian had to kill his one son and he did so with stone at his side. Lucian lived at the stream and he didn't eat and he didn't sleep for weeks maybe months. Lucain roamed the woods for days hutning like a anmial that he was called so many times. Lucian didn't know what he would do or where he would go but he knew one thing for sure he would find the man or thing whatever it be that caused all this and he would rip there god danm throat out.

Now we all know how Lucian came to be. But what we dont know is what he did all his life after this situation how he was named what he was and such other things. Lucian lived in a small town in the Long Reach, wheather they were protected from the undead or if the undead just haven't found it yet, the name of this town was coldwater it sutied its self to because it was always raining and always dark and gloomy. Lucian was named after his great uncle who much like Aldion was a hero befor the ravaging and he was well renowned unfortuantly his reputation never followed him. Lucian often spent his days drinking and he longed for death he would have excepted it form anyone the whore at his side the pimp that followed it matterd not to him. Untill one day he decided to walk, he walked through the rain the cold and the snow. Untill he came along a camp of darkling's the taught him much of his spells and fighting skills.

Lucian eventually parted way's with the group of darklings. Lucian didn't very much like the people he knew he didn't have very many friends. Lucian loved his mother dearly and his father was nice but he wasn't around as much as he wished. His mother was very nice to him and loved him dearly thats why it pained him so when his family was murderd. Lucian wandared the world and years as a lost soul danmed to this hellish world he knew to well. Lucian did the best he could whether you would called it living or surviving Lucian knew how to do it. He stayed many of his days wondering for reasons unkown. Children would tell storys in cities of the wolfman and say things like "He was just at peregren and snacthed up two kids, and ate them!" This spread along through out the world untill Lucian was shuned and hated by all. A group of hunters whether they were civil agents or not he wasnt sure. All he knew was they came from all over and where interacial, they attacked him in packs and so far did not succed. Lucian wasn't sure if it was a whole socitey of men dedicated to ending the wolfman (Rumors where what fueled there anger) Lucian was on the run constiantly. He did not know if he would survive, or if he would even make it to the next sunrise.

It was years sense Lucian first lost his penednt and he was postive he wouldnt lose it again. He fell off in the middle of one of his hunts against a zombie and a wicth picked it up. The wicth controled lucian and the only thing he rememberd was slaughtering a entire village evnentually he found the old hag dead on one of her own concactions. Lucian took it back and eventually lost it once more and it found its self in the hands of Gensis and now the Goddes of Vengence, but thats beside the point.

Lucian eventually knew that he would turn to his dominant side and he did after he was brutally tortured by some guards in hellhole. Lucian's wolf form got the better part of him and changed him made him evil corrupted him. But the story goes that one day in the final moments of the lycan's life he shall redeem himself, all a bunch of bull in Lucians oppinon.

Lucian was very angry with the beast being contained so much and he hated everyone. He made it through alot and after being eaten by a zombie dragon and thrown threw a inn like a ragdoll he found himself in the clucths of the civil agents.

They spent many week turning him into a agent while Amber molded him into the perfect wepon and took him out to kill Browden, Lucian couldn't do it. He shot Amber and the beast was relised but actually left him he became human at last and the rage still manifested in side him.

The actuall battle that matter everything had began and Lucian relised his rage.

So thats his history, lycan, ranger and a hero and more importantly a human.

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Lucian's History
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